Awakening Goddess

It was a time of change. It was the time of the Great Shift. It was the time of the Great Fall.

When Roszia offered herself for the adventure, she did not realize how heart-breakingly lonely it would be. When residing in ease and grace, the concept of ‘otherness’ was simply a concept.

It was much different when otherness was a reality. Otherness birthed separation. Separation birthed fear. Fear birthed warring. And warring birthed peace. And that was what it was all about.

Roszia gifted the Cosmos with the beautiful vibration of peace. But how to make peace if not by first making war? And how to make war without introducing fear? And how to introduce fear without introducing otherness and separation?

It was as it should be. It was as it was planned.

But when the Others came and began to extract the gold from her body and bound her beautiful humankind into slavery…forcing them to rape her again and again…taking from her what she would gladly have given….it was a relief to forget.

The fog that crept into her consciousness was welcomed. She slept.

* * *

Gaia woke. Stretching her senses, she took account of her being-ness. Her being-ness was satisfactory; nothing that she could not endure.

Her oceans were recycling. Her trees were growing. Humankind was doing all it could to destroy her, but they could not. She would not allow that. Her annihilation was not a part of the Grand Plan. Something else was.


The Awakening was beginning.

She could stretch her senses and she could feel others responding to her. She felt more love for her. It was bliss. The more love she felt, the more she could remember.

It was as it should be. It was as it was planned.

She remembered she was both Roszia and Gaia. She remembered her purpose.

She had made war and now it was time to make peace.

But first she needed to awaken fully. To awaken fully, she must wake to her full self.

She stretched and sensed and quested and confirmed.

Her flowing oceans and lakes and waterways were awake. Her full mountains and deep gorges were awake. Her strong winds and sweet breezes were awake. Her fierce inner and outer fires were awake. Her creatures were awake. Her devas and magics were awake.

This had taken years and years…hundreds of years—this awakening—but for Gaia, it was mere moments…those moments between sleep and morning waking.

And now, it was time for humankind to awaken. Then, she would be fully awake. Finally.

It was as it should be. It was as it was planned.

The bliss to be fully awakened! The anticipation flowed through her as a shiver of pleasure. With humankind awake, the joy would be restored. She would once again be truly her full self. She would be whole and one again.

Her heart released joy and expanded as she remembered the beautiful play expressed between herself and humankind--the oneness, before the separation of otherness.

She touched them--her humankind. Her joy. And she could feel it! She could feel them beginning to answer. Soon. It would be soon.

It was as it should be. It was as it was planned.


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