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C.B. Williams is the author of several fantasy romance books that span the subgenres of Young Adult, Space Opera, Science Fiction and Romance. While each story is a grand adventure into time and dimension, her stories are also reflections of contemporary issues such as social norms, relationships, spirituality and environmentalism. She writes with keen emotional depth, insightful observations on human nature, and a fabulously quirky sense of humor.

As a Pet Portraitest, C.B.Williams uses oils on linen. She loves the lineage of oil paints, the smoothness of the linen texture and the control she obtains from the medium. She’s been a representational painter for over 20 years, an artist her whole life.

C.B. expresses her creativity across a variety of mediums, including painting, blogging and vlogging. She enjoys candid and open interactions with fans, readers and other authors, and shares her talent and knowledge of the craft through her role as The Manuscript Midwife.

C.B. recentlymoved to Washington State, in the shadow of Mt. Rainier with her husband, three dogs, four cats and the wild things that share their space with her.

When she's not writing, you can find her either painting, adventuring, blogging or conducting workshops and online programs

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Here’s a 5 minute introduction of “Moi.” It’s my FIRST movie, and I promise you I will get better! It’s a beautiful day and I’m walking and talking in the woods with my dog Miki. NOTE: SINCE I MADE THIS MOVIE…I’VE MOVED TO WASHINGTON STATE TO ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL PART OF THE COUNTRY

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