Warrior 1

Once upon a time, we were one. We were one in the many and we loved our differences. We loved playing with the one in the many and delighted—greatly delighted--in how many the one could be!

We spoke with our hearts; with pure intentions and there was no misunderstanding. We danced in Oneness and sang with our Mother who gave us all things.

And then the Other came. Out of the skies the Other came. We looked upon their strangeness and they were gods to us. They could do wondrous things but hurtful things as well. They did not speak with their hearts to us and we could not understand them. They spoke and twisted their words to us and made us believe things that we knew to be lies. We knew they were lies because how could there be better when we were one in the many?

But they made us believe in better. They would hurt us and hurt us until we believed in better. We learned if we were not better, we were less. And this made us afraid. The fear trickled down and the fear spread into all different parts of the harmonies that were our lives.

Because of the fear, we made rules and we made beliefs and we made the rules and the beliefs real and solid to us.

And yet…..and yet…..

There remained the memory of what was once upon a time. And with the memory began the yearning and the wanting of the time that was. Those who remembered also made rules and beliefs to protect the memories; to keep them deep and safe in their hearts--small seeds for the time when the rules of fear and the beliefs of fear began to crumble into unreality.

When they began to crumble, they created dust. Fertilizer. The small seeds were planted and then they sprouted and then they began to grow.

The Other was embraced into the one in the many.

And it was a beginning.

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