The PeaceKeeper Corps

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Captain Brennar Faulkner of the PeaceKeeper Corps has just been thrown a big curve. Yeah, he’s been resuscitated before, but this time they’ve installed him in a new prototype made from a silicon-based, experimental substance recently created for an ultra-secret project. He’s finding out that getting around in his new corpus is kind of like learning to pilot a star fighter after decades flying transport freighters. Not even this new corpus’s designers know the full extent of its capabilities, so Captain Faulkner is pretty much flying blind. And he doesn’t have time to mess around, because the Keepers’ missions are being sabotaged, Bren is targeted for elimination by an unknown enemy, and then there is the small issue of the serial dreams about a beautiful woman who may or may not exist somewhere in the galaxy.



Here’s what people are saying about The PeaceKeeper Corps--

“Whew, what a book. Loaded with ideas and great characters. Williams introduces something that is sadly missing in most of the science fiction being written these days--optimism. Her hope for a future Earth is transcendent. Why isn't DAW publishing this author?”

“An absolutely magical journey into new dimensions. Adventurous, funny, and deeply spiritual. A starship captain and a romance author’s lives intersect through dreams and then reality as they cope together with not only life-threatening danger, but profound and disorienting transformation and expansion of consciousness.”

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