Book 1 of the Walkers Trilogy: WALKERS


WALKERS published August, 2012 by AlChemy Ranch Books $6.95 for paperback, $1.99 Kindle

What would happen if your made-up bedtime story about the baby in your care was actually the truth? What would you do if you were suddenly thrown into a world where trees melted into gateways and a merciless assassin was after you and the baby? How would you cope if your everyday life was replaced by a reality filled with a different set of rules?And would you trust the young man who emerged from a tree carrying an 1000-year-old Samurai sword and calling himself a Walker-Between-Worlds?

These are the challenges that eighteen-year-old Kate Johnson must face in this fast-paced YA fantasy adventure and love story as she and Ash strive to protect an infant prince who is destined to be the savior of his world.

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Here is a recent review:

"Walkers caught my attention from the first page, and then kept getting better and better. It has just enough fantasy to stretch the reader's imagination and still make you wonder...what if it really could happen? What if other worlds are right there at the tip of our fingers? Kate and Ash are characters that jump off the page and into your heart. It's great fun to watch them interact, to question, and to begin building a relationship. The characters in Walkers are young, so this falls into the YA category, but honestly I found it to be an excellent story for those of us who've already passed through our teen years. I highly recommend this book...and I sincerely hope Ms. Williams writes quickly so I can read more about Kate, Ash, and the worlds they explore.”

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