Episode 3 of the Entean Saga: Chaos Tamed

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The Saga Continues…

Mouse, Wren’s most trusted friend and fellow assassin, is helping the planet Spur’s new Champion, Flick, maintain order in what was once Rubble but is now a verdant land with ever-growing towns and hamlets.

In her new vocation, Mouse no longer needs to kill. Yet her assassin’s instincts are still sharp, and something is not right.

The vague feeling of unease intensifies when she enters the city to meet with Max, the Spur-appointed governor of the city, who has agreed to help her develop the administrative skills she sorely lacks.

Mouse’s instincts are rarely wrong.

Soon it becomes very apparent that someone wants Max dead.

But Max was appointed governor by Spur, Herself. Who would go against the wishes of the creative spirit of their home planet, a planet who has already demonstrated to Her people what can happen when She is crossed?

Max suspects the culprit may not reside on Spur.

He will go to whatever lengths are necessary to end the threats against him, his business empire, and his boss, the planet Spur—while Mouse, his self-appointed bodyguard, will go to whatever lengths she must to keep Max alive.

“An impressive series…a true master of the Science Fiction genre. Very highly recommended. –MidWestern Book Review


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