Episode 1 of the Entean Saga: Champion of Entean


Eloch is Champion of the planet Entean. His job is to bring matters back to balance for the planet who loves him, whether by resolving a border dispute or redirecting a herd of wild boars digging up planted fields. When an alien scouting vessel sent from the aggressive, colonizing planet of Spur touches down on Entean, it is Eloch’s task to go to Spur and tell its rulers they are not welcome on his planet.

But during the first wormhole jump, Eloch’s ties to Entean sever abruptly, and he loses the creative powers gifted to him by the planet who loves him. Eloch is no longer the man who can create a translator box out of thin air or make a weapon disperse down to its molecular structure and disappear.

Eloch has become ordinary.

How can one single, ordinary, powerless man stop a government bent on colonizing his home world? And what about his second task?


Here is what people are saying about Champean of Entean:

"I received a copy to write an honest review. I am not a sci-fi enthusiast, but was drawn into the story bit by bit until I couldn't put it down. Through much of the middle, I had tears in my eyes. Some of joy, some of empathy for well-written characters. Enoch and Wren are equally strong personalities whose motivation shines. Kudos to C.B. for creating a tale we can all learn from-harmony, respect and a greater good for our planet.”

"I am a long time fan of a variety of science fiction literature but I rarely write a review. The author created a story drawing the reader into total immersion into the world of Eloch and Wren. The story held my interest comparable to past and current SciFi masters. I can't wait for the release of the future episodes.”—AReader

"A powerful blend of science fiction and social commentary, Champion of Entean explores the dark dynamics of interstellar conquest and oppression. The protagonists' efforts to save their respective peoples against nigh-overwhelming odds will keep the reader captivated to the end. Highly recommended!” Midwest Book Review

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