Episode 2 of the Entean Saga: Brightness Calling

#2BrightnessCallingFINAL FRONT

The Saga Continues…

First Entean sent Eloch, Her Champion, to Spur.

Now She needs him to serve as Her ambassador to Longwei. Something unknown and threatening is coming from the neighboring galaxy, and the planet sisterhood’s warrior member has gone silent. Why does Longwei refuse to communicate with Her Sister Planets?

Aiko’s ship, the Stardust, transports Eloch and Wren to Longwei. There they attempt to open a dialogue with an angry and unresponsive planet who calls Herself Goddess and governs Her volcanic world through Her Priestesses.

Unless there is outside interference.

Outside interference is unacceptable, and will be dealt with personally by the Goddess of Volcanoes.

And the Goddess Longwei considers Eloch and all those aboard the Stardust to be outside interference.

CLICK HERE TO READ THE FIRST CHAPTER OF BRIGHTNESS CALLING(note—there is an error at the end of the chapter which has been corrected.)

An impressive series, judging by the first two volumes. Author C. B. Williams clearly demonstrates impressive storytelling talent, and is a true master of the science fiction genre. Very highly recommended, "Champion of Entean: Episode One of the Entean Saga" and "Brightness Calling: Episode Two of the Entean Saga" will leave eager and highly entertained readers looking forward to more of Eloch's far flung adventures in service to Entean.—MidWest Book Review

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