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...reminiscent of Andre Norton or Anne McCaffrey's early tales with overtones of Sharon Shinn. Strong female roles in addition to unusual men and loves that last for years.

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2019 Objectives:

1) Publishing The Complete Entean Saga in one ebook.

2) Whiskers, The Cat

This is quite a change from my usual genre, but I have wanted to publish Whiskers since the late 1980’s and am finally getting around to them. I wrote, illustrated, photocopied, colored, and spiral bound three stories about Whiskers for my nieces and nephews. During a“paper purge,” I came across them. With the help of technology and my husband/graphic designer, all three stories about Whiskers will be available in one softcover and ebook.

3) A Blogged Book (2nd part of 2019.)

I’m a“Pantser,” one of those authors who does not outline their books before writing them. I know what I want to say and I know how the book will end, but I’d get bored if I figured out in advance how my characters get there. Therefore, I thought it might be fun if I wrote the first draft as blog postings. Not chapters, mind you, but scenes.

My first drafts are usually just the bare bones of the story…usually the length of a novella. During the second draft is when I really flesh out the book, add scenes, delete scenes, play around with characters, etc.

Then, when I’m satisfied, the 2nd (or 3rd) draft goes to my editor and we work together until she’s also satisfied. Only then is the book formatted, proofed and published.

Wouldn’t it be fun if you went along for the ride? You could watch the first draft unfold and then, you could read the published book in order to compare and contrast.

Published in December, 2018

Vision Dreaming, the final adventure of the Entean Saga …

One planetary Sister has died, Her life force drained away by what the Sisters have named Something That Comes.

Time is of the essence.

Eloch and his crew must travel as quickly as possible to the neighboring galaxy of Vela Kentaurus and stop whatever the death-bringing Something That Comes is.

They wait only for their final crew member—a gift from the planet Talamh—the young woman Perin, a Seer, who interprets her True Dreams and Visions to provide wisdom for a safe passage across galaxies.

But all Perin sees for Eloch is death.

(Although this is the final adventure of the Entean Saga series, it can be read as a stand-alone.)

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