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Long ago in the Before, Humankind was named Joy. Then Otherness came. Otherness took a part of Joy’s Divine Design and kept it so it could control Joy. The part that was taken made Joy feel empty and Joy turned into Sorrow.

Now, Joy-turned-Sorrow, had many other fine attributes and still had all the rest of its Divine Design. Joy-turned-Sorrow was very clever, courageous, intelligent and persistent. With great effort, a replica was created of the missing part that Otherness had taken. Joy-turned-Sorrow used the replica as it would have used the missing part enabling Joy-turned-Sorrow to interact and communicate with its environment. They called the replica Personality.

Since the replica wasn’t the divine design, it wasn’t perfect. But Joy-turned-Sorrow kept working at it. Not giving up, honing and fine-tuning the personality so that it would be more and more like the divine design. Joy-turned-Sorrow knew this was the only way back to becoming Joy.

It must be understood that when Otherness came and took this part away from Joy, not only to be controlled by Otherness, it also made Joy-turned-Sorrow feel it was on it’s own, a single thing. But that wasn’t true. Many helpers came in the guise of avatars, miracle workers and teachers. They blended in with Joy-turned-Sorrow and showed better ways of working with the Personality that Joy-turned-Sorrow had created, enabling fine-tuning of the replica. They became very proud of their replica and how perfect it was becoming.

Meanwhile, Otherness was also learning and growing. It reached a level of understanding to see what it had done to Joy for its personal gain, filling it with remorse and shame. In order to make amendments, Otherness tried to give back the missing part it had taken, but Joy–turned-Sorrow didn’t recognize it for what it was. It thought that the replica it had created was the true part. It had gotten so used to the personality that it no longer knew there was a better thing it could have. Joy-turned-Sorrow merely laughed at Otherness; called it a liar.

What a mess.

And here is where the miracle happened.

Not all of Joy-turned-to-Sorrow laughed at Otherness. There was a deep-seated fear of Otherness, but some could see the redemption that was taking place when they gazed deeply into the eyes of Otherness. And they began to listen. They asked Otherness to show them the missing part again so that they could really study it and compare it to the replica,

Still not quite believing Otherness’ story, they preferred their replica because it came from them. It was familiar and known. It was bigger and with more “bells and whistles” that caught and dazzled the eye. The original part of the Divine Design was very simple. It did not rely on fancy additions to be attractive. It was an open, honest thing--very clear so light could enter unfettered. The light would enter and, like a prism, colors would flow out.

Over the thousands of years since Joy-turned-to-Sorrow made the replica, they had become more and more focused on what the replica was, and not what its function was. If Joy-turned-to-Sorrow used the missing part of the Divine Design to present itself and to interact with its environment, its environment would not see the part of the Divine Design. The environment would only see what the part did, not the part itself. The environment would only see beautiful colors, unique to each.

And now a second miracle happened.

One brave soul asked Otherness to realign it with the Divine Design.

Joy was reborn.

Seeing Joy, Joy-turned-to-Sorrow suddenly realized how important the missing part of the Divine Design was to them. Using the replica, they had hidden behind it and none saw their true beauty. The intention of the replica was to replace what had been taken, but the focus had been on making and perfecting a replacement, and not creating it as a means back to Joy. The replica had become real to them and the function was lost.

Upon seeing Joy, others asked. They kept asking until there was only Joy.

Many years into the future, when the story is told of Sorrow-returned-to-Joy, it is called The Story of the Great Asking.

HERSTORIES, cosmology with a twist

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