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Are you an independent author? Join the Independent Book Publishers Association

ISBN Purchasing: BOWKER (I'm noticing that they are becoming more and more supportive of the independent publisher. Lots of good material at the site.)

Manuscript Editing: Demon for Details

Ebook Formatting: AuthorEMS

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Independent Author Network

Romance Writers of America

Indie Romance Ink

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The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglist….This is a MUST HAVE for any aspiring writer. Here's the link on

Are you a reader? Here are some of my favorite authors:

Jim Butcher OMG! Harry Dresden! Chicago's only professional wizard.And that's not all he writes about.

Patrick Rothfuss This author writes beautiful stories filled with beautiful words and sentences, astounding characters and plot, plus the books are large enough (around 700 pages) that you can gorge on them for days. Feast away! Not only will you be taken on an amazing adventure, your writing skills will be the better for it.

Charles de Lint One of our very first urban fanticists. Love his heart and the heart he gives his characters. Love the adventures he creates. Love his writing style. Great short stories, too.

Jill Mansell Chick Lit anyone? British Chick Lit? Love her! Laugh with her!

Nora Roberts Nora Roberts? Yeah, Nora. I'm new to her books, so I've got a lot to pick from. The woman is an amazing storyteller. She's got "it." I read Nora when I'm writing. Since I don't write anything like her, there's no author bleedthrough. I want MY voice, not Nora's, to be what my readers hear. Better yet, my characters' voices. But Nora keeps me in line. She's a way with words. Thank you, Nora.

Joanna Bourne Want Historical Romance? Amazing Historical romance? Strong, independent characters--men you can hang your heart on and adore? Women who you'd love to be? I'm not doing Joanna justice. Pick up one of her novels and enjoy.

L. j. Charles Two words: Everly Grey. Paranormal-suspence, with romance sprinkled with cinnamon, adding abundant amounts of EVERLY! Great series of page-turners. She's new to the writing scene and I'm looking forward to reading more and more from her.

Madeleine L'Engle Sigh…Please, may I become a good enough writer to touch peoples' lives as she did mine when I was fourteen?

Linnea Sinclair My favorite author in the Space Opera Romance Action arena.

(more authors to come as I mull them over)

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